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Build More Together.
Welcome to The 360 Club!

Archangel Radio Club 360 FNL.png

What is
The 360 Club?

The Archangel Radio 360 Club members are the dedicated crew who, by choosing to donate the cost of their morning drive-thru brew to our apostolate, make up the backbone of our operating and future development expenses.

Donate My Morning Brew?

Your morning brew at the coffee shop probably costs more! As a member of the 360 Club, you’re pledging only a dollar-a-day to aid our mission. That works out to $30 a month. By brewing at home and using our official tumbler, you’re saving a bit in your pocket and helping us more than you can imagine.

What Does My Daily Dollar Support?

Your dollar-a-day goes towards our broadcasting and transmission costs, which can be extensive and expensive. For example, we recently have had to move to fiber internet. This is causing our monthly bill to go up 300%. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable as our current service is going away. We must move with the times. Our internet streaming brings you local and national Catholic programming to the tower and to social media platform, these costs are increasing as well. When you hear shows, like our LA Catholic Morning program and our high school football broadcast you can see, our monthly bills begin to add up. Your sustaining support is what helps keep us on the air.

So What Do I Get?

You’ll get our Stainless-Steel Tumbler, a sure conversation starter in the breakroom, and a magnet with our logo letting everyone know you’re a member of our cadre of most important backers.

Thank you so much for your support!

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