Pledge Drive

The heart of our fundraising efforts.


Our twice-yearly, three-day, Pledge Drives are a vital to the sustainability of our ministry. These fundraising events account for nearly half of our annual budget. So, please be as generous as you can where these come around.  Watch the pledge drive LIVE on To make a pledge online, click here. Our next drive will take place:

May 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2017

Pat Arensberg will host our Spring Pledge Drive that will feature priests from around the Archdiocese.

Details of the schedule will be posted as soon as they are confirmed.

Tuesday May 2nd                                

7am        Live Hour with Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi

8am        Deborah Farmer–Cursillo

9am         Fr. Pat Arensberg–Holy Name of Jesus

10am       Fr. Sofie–Our Lady of Lourdes

11am        Fr. Carucci–Our Lady of the Gulf

12pm       Beth Perkins representing St. Pius X

2pm        Mary Jo Wilder–Augustine Institute/Formed

3pm        Fr. Vrazel–St. Vincent de Paul

4pm        Fr. Lito–Shrine of the Holy Cross

Wed, May 3rd 
7am        Live Hour with Fr. Steve Williams

8am        Jack McAleer–One Faith One Family Conference

9am        Msgr. Michael Farmer–Cathedral

10am       Fr. Dan Good–Christ the King

11am       Fr. Mateusz Rudzik–St. Vincent de Paul in Tallassee

12pm       Melinda Siter and Caroline McDonald–St. Ignatius

2pm        Betty Ebel and guest representing Little Flower

3pm        Fr. Saucier–St. Thomas/St. Bridget

4pm        Msgr. Kee–St. Catherine of Siena

Thur, May 4th
7am        Live Hour with Fr. Paul Zoghby from St. Margaret of Scotland

8am        Emily Montague–March For Life Mobile

9am         Fr. Jim Morrison–St. Patrick

10am       Msgr. Wall–St. Mary

11am        Fr. Cink–St. Dominic

12pm       Fr. Stephen Hellman–Annunciation in Monroeville

2pm         Fr. Pat Driscoll and Tom Riello–Holy Spirit (Montgomery) and Water Cooler Catechism

3pm         Fr. Jan Zagorski–St. Joseph Prattville

4pm         Call for Final Pledges

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